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Koko Corporate Wellness and Corporate Fitness Programs in the Digital Gym

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Digital Fitness Data Can Help

When it comes to your corporate wellness program, do you know if your employees are actually working out?

At Koko FitClub, we have the data to show you.

Our digital gyms are driven by patented technology and provide quantified results -- both you and your employees know EXACTLY what is working. 

Membership benefits:

  • Unlimited monthly strength & cardio training sessions 
  • Customized, fully-guided day-by-day training programs
  • Comprehensive body composition assessments
  • Online meal plans & nutritional guidance
  • Private website to chart your progress
  • Guest access to Koko FitClubs nationwide
  • Special programs for families, seniors and active duty military personnel
Employer Benefits:
  • Data reporting on adherence
  • New employee benefit 

Learn how the Koko Corporate Wellness Program can enhance your existing employee wellness programs. Fill out the form on the right to contact our Corporate Wellness Team today for more information.


"Koko tailors your workout for you so you get the best gains possible for the time you spend in the gym."